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The client needed help with business strategy and how to engage resources to improve the flow of new business.


This is a successful business which provides it’s customers with excellent value, the task lay in focusing management on the right targets. Before we were able to do that we needed to guide them to define their products and services, answering a series of key questions, where did they add value, what were their “Winners” against competitors and what type of customers did they want. Desktop research followed by a series of workshops soon put plenty of flesh to their business strategy skeleton and a clear picture of where to put their resources emerged.


We are now engaged in the implementation of the marking plan to attack their targets, if the early successes achieved is a guideline they are going to exceed their expectations.


In parallel we have 121 time with the principle to help them with structure and time management, it can be very lonely running a business so having a coach to lean on for a fresh look and sometimes blunt appraisal is as our client has said “a big help”.