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Omnia Ltd

As our client said “who mentors the mentor?”


We have been working with the owner to give another view on the business, similar to other clients the audit approach we have developed has enabled us to look objectively at the business in detail and identify key improvement areas. The audit is an opportunity to have fresh eyes look at how the business is structured and in this case the skills of the sales team.


Our client has found it invaluable to be able to discuss these areas of improvement and have brainstorm sessions with experienced business professionals who come with a fresh view and importantly know the Recruitment sector. Just being able to have an extra hand to tackle some really key issues has eased the management burden.


Complimenting the current management activity we were asked to spend time working on the job with staff to demonstrate new skills, identifying training gaps from monitoring their calls with customers and prospects.


One specific value add for our client has been the introduction of performance management tools focused on the new business pipeline, this enabled us to identify the blockages in their pipeline process where they were losing opportunities.