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“Sometimes you cannot see the wood from the trees!”


The client’s quote and too true in this case, the client just could not get to a place to be about to objectively see where to grow the business. We were given the opportunity to come in and appraise the business, identify the “wood” through a thorough audit, with particular focus on whether they were truly providing value across a large number of sectors or should they be concentrating on a narrower portfolio of services where they could demonstrate true value.


This engagement called for a deep understanding of the customer’s customers, feedback was critical to¬†enable us to identify where our client was adding the most value.


Making changes in any business can be difficult and particularly when the evidence points towards walking away from less profitable clients to concentrate afresh on those targets which are a better match and therefore will maximise profits. We are helping the client manage this change process to ensure internal resources are aligned with the new strategy.