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Sometimes a business needs help to break out of the narrow tramlines it is trading in and be bolder.


In this successful division of a bigger group unit sales are good but the average value of each order needs to improve, this is the challenge we have been asked to tackle for the client. Currently they are very successful in the mid/lower end of the SME market but they aspire to move up the value chain and increase their profitability.


Auditing their new business function has helped identify where improvement is needed. We have already started work with the sales resource, introducing a bespoke training programme to help take their skills to the next level. Identifying how the selling process changes when targeting higher value prospects and getting them to identify their “Winners” – how to create differential.


This engagement is particularly rewarding because we have the opportunity to work with a successful team, our approach has been evolutionary, building on current strengths which has enabled us to introduce more sophisticated consultative selling techniques.