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XIST Group

Working with entrepreneurs has been a deliberate focus at 4SalesGrowth, as their mind set is invariably targeted on growth and generally they have a bold approach to running their businesses,  it makes for a lively, challenging and fun engagement.


We have not been disappointed in our work with this client and in turn we have not disappointed the client. We are now on our third project, which focuses on helping pull the Group resources together to understand the Shared Values which the client is looking to cascade through the organisation. Firstly the business objectives had to be reviewed to ensure they aligned with the “Values” and a series of workshops implemented to cascade the Values and help staff to thoroughly understand them.


We then moved onto the next part of the programme to invite staff to take responsibility for implementing the Values in their every day work. This work is very hands on, giving us the opportunity to get to know the wider team.


Customer Service excellence is a core value which is shared throughout the group, our workshops have helped staff realise what this truly means and their role in delivery this excellence at every customer touch point.


Back to working for entrepreneurs, we are definitely adding value “otherwise we would not be still engaged” – our client’s words not ours.